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General conditions



I. Conditions for reservations in PARK HOTEL LJULJAK
Reservations and price inquiries can be made as follows:

  • on our e-mail:  www.ljuljak.com
  • per  e-mail: ljuljak@ljuljak.com

General conditions for online reservation
By confirming a reservation online  you agree with the rules of PARK HOTEL LJULJAK concerning  stay, terms, cancellation policy,cases of no show,  penalties, etc., as follows:

1. Prices
All prices on the website of PARK HOTEL LJULJAK are in BGN, per peson,per day and include VAT, tourist tax and insurance fee.The total amount of the reservation is calculated depending on the number of the overnights,the number of adults and children and the current price offer for the respective period.

2. Payment
First 50% of the reservation must be paid at the time of booking, the remaining 50% shall be paid on reception at check-in day.

The reservation can be paid by bank transfer to a bank account specified by  us  through virtual POS terminal on our website.
Virtual POS payment scheme
PARK HOTEL LJULJAK respect your confidentiality.
In order to protect you from fraud while making  your credit card payment, we apply the best practices recommended by the international card organisations:
Security during entry and transmission of card details is ensured by the use of SSL protocol to encrypt the connection between our server and the respective payment page of our bank.
Authenticity of your credit card is checked by entering the card verification value ( CVV2).
In addition, to identify you as a cardholder,our bank`s payment server for e-commerce supports the authentication schemes of the international card organisations – Verified by Visa and MasterCardSecureCode, in case you are registered to use them.In this case opens additional screen 3-D authentication code.
PARK HOTEL LJULJAK doesn`t have access to the dates of your card, doesn`t accept and doesn`t process payments with the user at the time of booking.The payments is processed in a secure way by the servicing bank and is transferred directly from your bank account to the bank account of PARK HOTEL LJULJAK.
3. Transaction receipt
If your transaction has been processed successfully, a transaction receipt is displayed on the screen, which you need to print and keep.We accept MasterCard,Visa,Visa Electron.
Check with your credit card issue if your card is online transaction compatible.
The maximum amount per transaction is 10 000 BGN.The transaction currency for credit card payments is BGN.

4. Reservation confirmation
An online reservation is considered confirmed after payments is made in accordance with the payment form of the bank.After making the payment you will receive an email with information about the hotel, personal code of your reservation, information about the booked service, as well as information about the cancellation policy or modification.

5.  Cancellation of reservation and refund of amounts.
In case of cancellation of paid reservation within 7 calendar days prior the arrival date, the full amount paid will be reimbursed. In case of cancellation in period shorter than 7 calendar days prior the arrival date, PARK HOTEL LJULJAK retains 50% (fifty percent) of the reservation as penalty.
In case of payment made and subsequent cancellation within the specified dates, the sum due to the clients, will be reimbursed to the client`s credit card within 1 month following the planned arrival date.
We recommend you to note that certain prices or special offers can be non- refundable and are not subject to cancellation or modification.Check their conditions carefully before making a reservation and payment.

6.Principles of personal data processing

More information can be found at GDPRpolicy.






1.Hotel guests are required to:

·         Present their passport to the receptionist upon arrival;

·         Present the hotel card when requesting room key;

·         Lock rooms and leave keys at the reception desk ;

·         Check out the rooms on 12:00 o`clock on the day of departure, informing the receptionist in advance;

·         Check-in time 14:00 o`clock;

2.Shouting,running,gambling and noisy parties are prohibited. Noise is not  allowed between 23:00pm and 08:00am and between 14:00pm and 16:00pm

3.It is not allowed to export food and drinks from the restaurant to the rooms.We make exceptions for the sick and children,but always with the consent of the manager.

4.Cooking and eating in the rooms are prohibited.

5.It is allowed consumtion of food and drinks at the restaurant and the lobby bar ,purchased from the object.

6. Visits to outside people in the rooms are prohibited.It is allowed only in the common area of the hotel. In special cases contact the property management.

7.The guests should keep the rooms clean and use the hotel inventory according to purpose.

8.Bicycles,large objects, inflammable and explosive substances is forbidden to import in the rooms.

9.It is forbidden to export hotel property ( blankets,linen,towels,desk chairs).

10.Please, do not take the hotel towels out to the pool.

11.Use of the pool after 18:00 is prohibited.Guests are obliged to observe the rules for using the swimming pool.

12.Any damage or missing items of hotel property is payable according to market prices.

13.Smoking in the rooms is forbidden.

14.Pets are not allowed.

15.Forgotten items by a guest of the hotel are kept for up to 3 months.In the case of lost or found items, please contact the reception of the hotel.Please do not leave your personal belongins unattended.

16. The reception is not responsible for lost or stolen items not saved in a safe deposit box.

17.We aske you not to enter the green areas at the hotel, in order to preserve as much as possible the aesthetic appearance all of our guests are enjoying.

18.Contact the reception desks for any services you require.


We remind you that the saving of water and electricity is important for the planet.


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