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Dear guests and partners

PARK HOTEL LJULJAK LTD, UIC 103294654, having its seats and registered address at: Golden sands Resort, Varna 9007, applies the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679  of the European Commision.


The policy of  PARK HOTEL LJULJAK aims to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Regulation.

PARK HOTEL LJULJAK collects and processes personal data lawfully, fairly and in compliance with the principles and rights of the natural persons concerning their data processing.

PARK HOTEL LJULJAK processes personal data of natural persons only in the following cases:

  •  processing is necessary to comply with a legal obligation of the PARK HOTEL LJULJAK;
  • processing is necessary for the performance of the contract with PARK HOTEL LJULJAK to which a natural person is a party  or for taking steps at the request of a natural person prior to the conclusion of a contract where its identification is required;
  • a natural person has given his consent for a comprehensible and transparently defined purpose on behalf of the PARK HOTEL LJULJAK for which the processing of his/her personal data is necessary;
  • processing is necessary in order to protect the vital interests of the natural person whose personal data are being processed or another natural person;
  • processing is necessary for the legitimate interests of PARK HOTEL LJULJAK or third party, in compliance with the provisions of the Regulation;
  • other cases provided for in the Regulation.

PARK HOTEL LJULJAK does not collect or process personal data of natural persons who exceed its obligations or business needs.

In all cases where it is necessary to collect and process personal data of natural persons for purposes other than the original, PARK HOTEL LJULJAK shall notify the natural persons concerned, eek their consent and proceed to process their personal data for other purposes only after their explicit consent.

PARK HOTEL LJULJAK collect and processes only the minimum personal data of natural persons who:

  • are provided by law;
  • are necessary for the performance of a contract;
  • are  necessary to meet the purposes for which they are collected.

PARK HOTEL LJULJAK ensures that the processing of the personal data of natural persons is based on maximum accuracy and, if possible, they sall be always up to date.

PARK HOTEL LJULJAK ensures that the access to and the processing of personal data of natural persons is performed by the minimum number of persons (operators) who have the necessary competence for their processing and the necessary commitment to their secrecy.


Personal data are stored for the minimum required time, which is:

  • registration data for accommodated guests, within the meaning of The Tourism Law;
  • information related to requested and used hotel accommodation services, events and for restaurant services, incl. cancelation of the reservations – from the relevant reservation/cancelation to 5 years from the provision of the services;
  • financial and accounting documents; invoices; other information related to the tax-insurance control – up to 10 years, beginning of the year following the year during which the payment of the obligation for the respective year is due;
  • video data – 7 days;
  • data processed on the basis of the explicit consent of the natural person- from the moment of giving the consent until its withdrawal by the natural person;
  • upon by request by natural person for their erasure when there is reason for such a request.

In any case, PARK HOTEL LJULJAK provides at least once a year to review the collected and processed personal data, and the ones that fall under any of the above hypotheses are erased without delay.


PARK HOTEL LJULJAK provides the necessary level of physical, organizational and technological protection in view of:

  • the nature, scope, context and purpose of the processed personal data;
  • the probability, levels of impact and severity of risk for the rights of freedoms of the natural  persons in case of breach of the security of the personal data processed;
  • its financial and organizational capabilities.

PARK HOTEL LJULJAK also provides all necessary measures for the timely recovery of collected and processed personal data in the case of their loss as a result of accidental, malicious or force majeure events.

PARK HOTEL LJULJAK provides for the necessary and appropriate technical, organizational and technological measures for controlled and traceable access to the personal data of the natural person.

PARK HOTEL LJULJAK provides for the necessary accountability and records to be able to demonstrate that the provisions of the Regulation have been complied with.


  • natural persons, who make reservations on their own behalf or on behalf of another natural person through the website www.ljuljak.com;
  • natural persons using the services provided by PARK HOTEL LJULJAK including, but not only, hotel accommodation, restaurant and related services;
  • natural persons who have made request their own behalf or on behalf of another person they represent (by e-mail, fax, by phone, using Messenger on the hotel`s Facebook page, etc), signals, complaints or other correspondence to PARK HOTEL LJULJAK;
  • the services of PARK HOTEL LJULJAK can be requested only by natural persons who have reached 18 years of age.


  • the right to awareness about the personal data processing;
  • the right to access to personal data – what data are available;
  • the right to correct inaccurate personal data;
  • the right to erasure of personal data;
  • the right to restriction of the processed personal data;
  • the right to awareness about actions as a result of a request for correction, erasure or restriction of the processing of personal data;
  • right to data portability;
  • right to object against processing of personal data;
  • right not to be an object of automated individual decision-making.



Processed personal data in its capacity of Controller:

  • of employees;
  • of clients natural persons;
  • of suppliers natural persons.


The Company as Controller performs the following operations and processes only the required personal data for the following purposes:

  • for conclusion, performance, and termination of employment contracts and calculation of employee wages and salaries;
  • for acceptance, administration and processing of reservations and their cancelations;
  • for administration and providing the services, made via our website;
  • for administration and acceptance of payment for provided services;
  • for provision of services to the clients;
  • for providing an individual approach to the provision of services;
  • for direct marketing;


In connection with the fulfilment of the above objectives, the Company provides personal data to the following recipients:

In connection with the fulfilment of the above objectives, the Company provides personal data to the following recipients:

  • National revenue agency concerning the calculation of the salaries of the staff;
  • NSSI concerning the calculation of staff benefits;
  • Occupational Medicine Company in relation to an obligation to maintain an updated health status of the staff and to carry out periodic medical examinations;
  • Ministry of Interior – concerning provision of information for hotel guests;
  • Other state and municipal authorities and/or institutions – concerning the statutory obligations to them or in connection with legitimate requests from them for information that contains personal data;
  • Subcontractors for performance of contractual obligations.


According to the requirements of the applicable legislation, PARK HOTEL LJULJAK applies security measures, which include the following technical and organizationalmeans to control access and to ensure physical security against damages of the building and to protect the lives and health of our guests:

  • video surveillance system performing 24-hour video surveillance, consisting of recording and storage devices.

Video surveillance and video recording can be performed in publicity accessible areas in the buildings of PARK HOTEL LJULJAK. There is no video surveillance in the guest rooms, sanitary facilities, recreation rooms, etc.

The data from video surveillance are stored for 7 days.


If you have questions or regarding the processing of your personal data or wish to exercise any of your rights, you can contact:

  • E-mail: ljuljak@ljuljak.com
  • Telephone: +359 52 355507
  • Address: Golden sands Resort, Varna 9007

In case of doubt that your privacy rights have been violated, you can report to:

  • Address: 2,Tsvetan Lazarov Str., Sofia 1592
  • E-mail: kzld@cprd.bg
  • Phone: 02 / 91-53-518








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