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Northern Black Sea coast


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We recommend you that you visit the town of Balchik, which is only 10 km. away from Golden sands. About 2 km. south-west of the city center you will have the pleasure to visit the Architectural and park Complex The Palace. In 2020 The complex was declared an architectural monument of culture and a monument of gardening and park art.

The Palace is the summer residence of Romanian Queen Maria. During the Second Balkan War (1913) the Romanian army occupied the part of  Dobrudja, which included the town of Balchik. Queen Maria visited the city and was fascinated by its spirit and nature. She decided to build a summer residence here, requiring the designers not to harm the natural beauty, but to emphasize and compliment it. Old Bulgarian, Gothic, Oriental and Moorish elements are intertwined in the architecture of the palace.

Another unforgettable experience is a trip to the Cape of Kaliakra, 40 km. north of Golden Sands Resort, where you touch the only protected sea area in Bulgaria. It is an oblong, narrowing rocky peninsula that extends about 2 km into the sea. Many rare speacies can be seen here like Aristotle cormorant, saker falcon, lesser grey shrike and others.

Many legends are associated with Cape Kaliakra. The most famous of them tells of 40 Bulgarian girls, led by the beautiful Kaliakra who jumped into the sea to protect from being captured by the Ottomans. In order not to give up they braided they hair together

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