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You are guest at hotel Ljuljak?

Take advantage and explore Varna and Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Hotel Ljuljak is situated in Golden sands resort, only 18 km. away from the city of Varna – popular as maritime capital of Bulgaria.

The city was founded in 570 BC under the name Odessos and is considered the cradle of the oldest European civilization. Located in Varna Bay, it has always been a major transport, economic, commercial, cultural and social center.

You are interested in History? We recommend you to visit the Archeological Museum of Varna, one of the oldest in Bulgaria. In 2012, its exhibition was completely renovated and filled with many newly discovered materials and artefacts. The most attractive to see is the Varna Chalcolithic Necropolis – the oldest gold treasure in the world, dating from 4500 BC to 4200 BC.

The structure of the museum includes two open-air museums: Roman Thermal baths- the fourth largest in Europe and carved into the rocks, the medieval Aladzha Monastery (XIV centuries) with a separate exhibition of early Christian mosaics (V centuries) and icons from the XIX centuries. The cave monastery is situated in the central part of Golden Sands Nature Park, only 5 km. away from hotel Ljuljak.

You don’t have to travel to England to see the standing stones of Stonehenge. Instead you can visit the magnificent rock phenomenon of Pobiti Kamani, located only 18 kilometres south of Varna and covering an area of 7 square kilometers. This geological phenomenon dates back to approximately 50 million years ago when the territory of southeastern Bulgaria used to be prehistoric seabed. Today the limestone columns, which look like stuck into the surrounding sand, reach up to 11 metres above the sea level and have given shelter to rare animal and plant species, which makes it an attractive tourist destination.

Varna has become a very cosmopolitan city, so you can find artistic and cultural exhibitions throughout the city all year round. Varna boast with countless cultural events, involving folklore, music, ballet, opera and theatre, movies and animated pictures presentations, exhibitions in the open air and art galleries. On summer the scene of these events is the Summer Theatre, located in the central part of the Sea Garden.

If you prefer fun and entertainment, do not miss the nightlife in Varna. Many say that “the city never sleeps”. Many of the bars, restaurants and disco clubs are located irectly on the beach, nearby the Sea Garden.


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